I think I can…Day 2


Day: 2
Days to go until first deadline: 150

Well, what can I say…it is only the second day and life has already thrown me some roadblocks including being gone most of the day with a doctor’s appointment, trips to pharmacy, errands to the mall and three boys who were intent on giving me a headache…and they succeeded.  I thought my dr. appt. was at 11:45 am but soon found out it was at 10:45 am so I had to rush out the door forgetting to pack my snack and lunch.  So, I had to improvise.   I ended up eating soup and salad at Ruby Tuesday’s which isn’t bad but the problem with salad bars is the calories can sneak up on you, especially when the salad dressing’s aren’t light. I’m not sure how many calories are in a balsamic vinagrette or italian but I mixed them for my salad thinking that the non creamy dressings were the best choice.  I guess I’ll find out come weigh in time!  I did weigh myself this morning after sticking to my diet and found I lost over 3 1/2 pounds!  YAY!!  Of course I know this is mostly water weight but, hey, I’ll take what I can get!

In case you were curious about my diet keep reading…if not then please skip this paragragh, cuse’ it will bore you to tears!…

I’ve been buying fruit that I blend into smoothies for breakfast and lunch with 100 calorie snacks every couple of hours in between the smoothies and a sensible dinner.  Which can I say, having a sensible dinner in my house is very hard because the rest of my family doesn’t eat so sensibly…though I’m trying to get my husband on board.  He seems to want to lose weight but he has to do his own thing cuse’ he won’t do mine…he isn’t a big fruit person.  I just hope he sticks to whatever he does because I want him to be healthy so he will live a long time and not leave me alone with our *little monsters* (*read…sweet lil’ angels).  After all, they are extremely picky eaters and they don’t get it from me…that is ALL him!  As for my diet,  I find that because my smoothies aren’t packed with protein I eat snacks with protein every 2 hours so I don’t get as hungry and my blood sugar doesn’t crash.  This plan worked for me last time (after my first pregnancy I did herbalife shake meal replacement and it worked…since I lost over 70 pounds but there is something about all that milk that was unappealing this time around) so I’m just using fruit and snacks filled with protein to keep my calories down and my hunger at bay…it works most of the time…

As for the writing…I have to say that I got wrapped up in research and didn’t really get much writing done, just a few ideas about one of the main characters but I think that will help push the story forward so that is a plus!  I’m very excited about my characters and I don’t want to mess up their story like I have done in the past so I’m taking it slow until I know I’m on the right track.  Once I’m on the right track the story will flow faster than I can trype.  It happened in my first novel, the first 100 pages leaked out and the last 300 poured.

Yes, I have completed one novel, so I know I can do it.  Why aren’t I working on that novel and trying to get it published, you ask?  Well, the market it was written for is saturated.  What market is so saturated, you would like to know?  I bet if I asked you to guess you could figure it out, especially if you read a lot of recent romantic fiction lately or if you been to the movies…my first book has vampires in it!  Granted it isn’t all about vampires and it is meant to be a series about all types of supernatural charachers but the first book is about a vampire and a witch with a few werewolves thrown in…yeah, I know, it’s been done to death.  Not to mention, (even though I’m totally mentioning it) trying to get a vampire book published right now takes just the right story packed with originality.  I should know I sent it into to a multitude of publishers and agents who all passed on it.  However, I admit those rejection letters told me that the story wasn’t right for my first book and a part of me is thrilled it was my first try because I could make many of the first book mistakes on a story that wasn’t so close to my heart.  Now, I can learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward.  I will probably go back to it and get it ready to be published but not right now.  Now, I’m focusing on Sam and Gavin’s story and it is going to kick a$$!  🙂

So, to recap, the second day of my resolution domination went fairly well.  I made some mistakes *note to self:  DON’T FORGET TO PUT SNACKS IN YOUR PURSE or THE ADVIL!!* and I got some research for my book done.  All in all, not a bad second day.

Pounds lost: 3 1/2     YAY!!!!

Pounds to go:  91 1/2

Pages written:  93

Pages to go:  300 ish

Thanks for reading and please leave me your thoughts/comments!

🙂 Carole


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