I think I can…Day 3


Day: 3
Days to go until first deadline: 149

I woke up this morning and I still was a pound lighter even after yesterdays trip to Ruby Tuesday’s so I guess the salad dressing wasn’t so bad!!  YAY!! 

I had to work in the office today but I’m happy to report that I didn’t stray from my diet!  That makes me very happy because I usually give into temptation and I didn’t except for the chocolatey peanut buttery truffle thing that my brother-in-law made me eat…but I’m happy to report that I refused the second one, even when he tried to shove it in my mouth.  Hello, I have no problem shoving unhealthy things in my mouth (get your mind out of the gutter), I don’t need your help!  I figured one wouldn’t kill me but two would start me down the road to that nasty place called, The Hell With My Diet.  I’ve been there and done that.  I want to visit more exciting and exotic places like Buying Clothes Without Having to Try Them and Yes, I Have Lost 95 Pounds or even Yeah, I AM Wearing a Bikini!  Those locations sound great and I can’t wait to go and live in any one of those places!

As for my book, well, I had a bit of set back with my writing, 😦 which is disheartening but I think the story will flow so much better with the changes.  I had to wipe out two whole characters but the good news is I already have characters created and plotted to take their place and I just have to get them down on the screen.  I’m looking forward to writing them.  They are much closer to what I had in mind originally, which lets face it, is usually best!

Well, sorry if this is a disappointment but my day was long and since my oldest started back to school I have to be up early so I need to crash.  I had to take something to sleep because my writing has been keeping me awake at night…too many good ideas floating around in the ether of my mind!  Maybe I should have waited to take the OTC sleeping pill.  I’m starting to get fancy with my words…NIGHT!

Pounds lost: 4 1/2

Pounds to go: 90 1/2

Pages written: was 93 but with some story changes…I’m back to 74 😦

Pages to go: 316 ish

Thanks for reading and please leave me your thoughts/comments!

🙂 Carole


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