I think I can…Day 6


Day: 6
Days to go until first deadline: 146

Down another pound for a total of 7 pounds lost!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

Sorry I missed yesterday’s update. I had a pretty bad migraine most of the day and come evening I was exhausted.

Today was spent shopping and fighting cravings since (skip ahead if you are a guy cuse’ you won’t like the next sentence!) it’s almost my time of the month…ugh…sometimes it sucks being a girl!!!

Okay enough with the T-M-I ! I just hope I didn’t blow my diet too much. I ended up not having an afternoon shake (because we were out and about) but I had a grilled cajun chicken sandwich and a small salad and then I had a lean pocket and salad for dinner with kettle popcorn drizzled with dark and white chocolate…it was so good I probably had a little to much. Just hopefully not that much! I’ll find out in the morning!

Today we went grocery shopping…big thrill I know…stop being jealous! We took all three boys as usual since we like to spend family time on the weekends and shopping usually ends up being an all day affair and the kids love going. So it was exhausting but fun…went to Sam’s Club and they got free samples, which they find exciting…ahhhhh to be a kid again!

Since I’ve been home I’ve been doing research most of the day, which has been almost relaxing! Love that!! I haven’t written anything today but I plan to tomorrow. I may even try to take down the X-mas decorations…if I’m feeling perky enough! Wish me luck and energy!!

Pounds lost: 5 1/2

Pounds to go: 89 1/2

Pages written: was 93 but with some character editing I was back to 74 but today I’m back to 88!!!

Pages to go: 300 ish

Thanks for reading and please leave me your thoughts/comments!

🙂 Carole

P.S. Got a memory foam topper for our bed at Sam’s Club…hopefully this will help my back aches and help me sleep better…*fingers crossed*


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