I think I can…Day 7


Day: 7
Days to go until first deadline: 145

Well, yesterdays snacking put me up a couple of ounces but that still means I’m down 7 pounds because I round to the next half pound…whew!!

Today has SUCKED for my self-control! My boys are in rare form, fighting, running and screaming like little banshees and I’ve nearly lost it more than once.

Luckily, my hubby has been home so I was able to get some writing done, which has been the brightest part of my day because it has actually been very productive =c)

Of course all good things come to an end and I had to put the writing down because the banshees were back and then it was dinner, which a lot of people look forward to but unless my kids are being served cheeseburgers and fries it is ALWAYS a fight…ugh!

So now I’m sitting on the couch desparately trying to keep myself from eating everything in my kitchen because I am an emotional eater and I’m always emotional this time of the month.

(Ignore the next few sentence boys) I hate getting my period! The week before my period (we will call “it”… “George” from now on) is brutal!!! I hate when “George” visits!!!! The cravings start now and then will come the mind numbing cramps…ugh!!! Being a girl SUCKS sometimes!!!

I really hope I can stick to this diet…I know it will be worth it but it is so hard!!! Yeah, yeah…that’s what she said!

Pounds lost: 7

Pounds to go: 89 1/2

Pages written: 98….YAY!!!!

Pages to go: 300 ish

Thanks for reading and please leave me your thoughts/comments!

🙂 Carole

P.S. Memory foam mattress was good! 🙂


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