I think I can…Day 10


Day: 10
Days to go until first deadline: 142

Well, the scale showed a weight gain of one pound, which is not only discouraging but is enough to foster feelings of rage! I mean come on!! I didn’t eat enough to warrant that and after doing some research online found out that exercise can cause weight gain in the first few weeks! So now I’ve decided to do weekly weigh ins instead of daily to not only keep me on track but to keep my sanity!

The next few days are not going to be diet friendly because my brother and his girlfriend (who is awesome) are coming for a visit and when my family is involved, so is alcohol, so I’m sure I will have wine, which will lead to unhealthy snacking…BOO!!

Although there is a silver lining…my hubby and I were watching QVC and ended up ordering NutriSystems for a month. I’m super psyched for that because I know some people who used it and they said it worked…of course the bummer part is that it won’t be here for a couple of weeks…I hate waiting but if it does work it will be worth it!

I also wrote a couple of pages today after working and doing my PTO stuff…so that made me feel good!!

After that, I had a visit from P, my friend, who is convinced that if I finish my book I will get published so now I’m even more excited to finish it! It really means a lot to have someone believe in my work and actually get excited to read it!! Thanks P!!!

Well, I hope I can keep the momentum up going forward!!! *fingers crossed* Hopefully NutriSystems work!!!

Pounds lost: 7

Pounds to go: 89 1/2

Pages written: 100

Pages to go: 300 ish

Thanks for reading and please leave me your thoughts/comments!

🙂 Carole


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